I love taking photos of families and children. Capturing fun, care and love as an image is always rewarding.

I am very happy to come to your home and take photographs in a less formal setting. Or if there is an outdoor location that you love then lets go there and run about.

I believe that portrait photography from your perspective should be about fun not about F stops, depth of field and lighting. Make the session fun, leave me to worry about the technical aspects.

The Photography Session

Before the session I will contact you to discuss ideas and find out more about the end results you have in mind. The session itself will usually take about 1 hour. But this is not fixed, I never book back-to-back sessions, if it takes longer for people to relax and start to enjoy themselves then that is fine.

What happens then…

A few days after the session I will prepare the images ready for a viewing. I will then come back to you and we can look through the resulting 30 to 50 images whilst drinking a cup of tea/coffee.

Once you have picked your favourite images we can talk about how you would like them presented.