Studio session prices

Unlike some high street franchises, I feel strongly that my pricing should be open. The very last thing I want to do is to rely on up-selling and hard sell tactics. The most persuasion I will use during the viewing is a choice of chocolate biscuits !

The session fee of £25 is payable at the time of booking and is only refundable if more than 2 weeks notice is given of any cancellation.


I feel strongly that all my pricing should be given up-front. Some photography studios keep the pricing hidden until they get you in front of their sales team. I disagree, I want you to be able to concentrate on the images without worrying about how much it will cost.

The price list below covers a huge array of options and finishes. I have a wide variety of examples in my studio so please pop in if you would like to see them.

A full price list can be downloaded here. Prices for all framed photographs include the cost of the frame and feature non-reflective glass as standard. I have frame samples I can show you, but a brochure showing the range can be downloaded here.


I want your photographs and portraits to be fabulous. To this end I only use the finest printing and framing services. I have a variety of frames and canvasses in my studio which show the various finishes that can be provided.

Prints and canvasses are all UV stabilised meaning that they will not yellow or fade over time. Frames are hand made in the UK and feature non-reflective glass as standard. The resulting quality is far in excess of cheap frames, these usually feature acrylic glazing which will scratch and yellow over time.