I’m sure there will be questions that come up and I’ve put some of the most common ones here. If you come up with a new one, please feel free to contact me and ask away.

Where will you travel ?

I am based in Aldbourne half way between Marlborough and Swindon. I have worked in locations ranging from Bath to Reading. I am very happy to travel, although for more distant locations I may make a mileage charge.

What should I wear ?

For outside/informal sessions, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. For inside sessions children will often look good in brighter colours, try to avoid logos as these will ‘date’ the photograph quickly.

What do I need for the session ?

Adults may want a change of clothes for themselves or their children for a different look, it is also often useful to have a few of the child’s favourite toys on hand as this can help them settle.

Also have a think about any ideas/styles you would like. For example if you already have photographs that you would like me to match in terms of style or composition let me know.

How long will it take ?

It takes as long as it takes ! I leave lots of time when dealing with younger children as it often takes time for them to settle down and start to have fun. Photographing a child before they are relaxed just doesn’t work, they also need to take breaks. Some children love the camera and being the centre of attention others need to take time to adjust. I always allow a couple of hours before anything else is booked and most sessions finish well before that.

Can I book you at weekends ?

Yes – it is often hard for families to get together during working hours so the weekends are no problem.

Can you provide Hair/Make up services ?

Yes. I have both hair and make up artists I can call on if you would like to use them. These options must be specified at the time of booking. They will charge you direct for whatever you require. Please contact me for their details.

How long do you keep my images on file for ?

All images are kept for a minimum of 5 years.

What are the deposit terms ?

I can only refund your deposit for a confirmed session if given 7 days notice of the cancellation.